In addition to providing access to a unique and dedicated work force, we also offer a variety of other services. If appropriate our team can provide:

Job Coaching:  Save time on training - our employment specialists are trained to provide onsite services to employers. Our employment specialists can help teach the new employee their job responsibilities side-by-side.

Problem Solving Solutions: If there's ever a problem with an employee, we can help to make it right.  We'll work with you to find out what needs to be addressed, then work on- and off-site to ensure the employee continues to provide quality work. 

Help Applying for a Tax Credit: Our employment specialists are trained to provide timely assistance in explaining tax incentives benefits your business may be eligible for, and can assist in the completing any tax credit paperwork.

Read more about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services website or through this informative brochure.

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